Hot Potato

mediohxcore 887

This is the PU deck Josh01 and I played to top 16 at 2017 World Championships. Jonas Wilson played this deck -1 Snare! +1 IPO.

Dodge hate cards like Film Critic and Feedback Filter and sit there not losing until they run out of HP. Click for three credits. Purge one virus counter. The possibilities are endless.

8 Nov 2017 MazeBerlin

Thanks for posting. I was rooting for your PU to take Worlds. How do you make camping runners run if scoring out is not really part of the gameplan?

8 Nov 2017 RvdH83

@MazeBerlin House of Knives (and Philotic Entanglement) can be scored out of hand with Shipment from Tennin.

Let's say you scored one House of Knives. Then it's 7 net damage (+ 4 mills) to take an Obokata behind Kakugo on a Hokusai Grid. So 11 hit points gone.