[8-1, 1st @ EMEA 2024] Dividing by Two Two

jan tuno 3260

This is the Ob deck that carried me to 1st place at EMEA. It's directly based on what I took to ACC, with a few key events leading to small but relevant changes.

One of them was Silent Arbiter messaging me to ask me why I picked Vladisibirsk City Grid over Calibration Testing. I immediately felt really dumb and changed the deck to accomodate the obviously better card.

The other was playing two games against wowarlok on World Tree Ari at locals. He smashed me twice despite very bad draws on his part, which lead me to believe that the only way to salvage the matchup is to make the deck even leaner and able to function while staying low on the ground. This implied a bit of a rework of the ice suite to get cheaper, along with a last-minute Audacity inclusion (I never played it on the day, but that's also because I was lucky enough to never encounter WTA). Special thanks to cablecarnage who got very good at the deck and was able to give very well-reasoned slotting suggestions.

If you've seen the deck in action there's very little to explain. The board requires very diligent managing from the Runner lest you run away with the game, and while that is being taken care of you simply build an unassailable remote and score out. Save for extreme economic pressure from the Runner, it's not at all uncommon to score out by turn 8-9. The deck is hard to pilot, but exerts incredible psychological pressure on the Runner because every unrezzed asset you fail to check feels like a fuckup, and the chance of a disastrous facecheck is always there. Even at points where you're a bit fragile you look like an unstoppable monster from the outside.

This went 8-1 for me over the weekend, only losing a game to CobraBubbles understanding how important an early The Twinning can be.


This is where I would usually be a coward and go "oh there are so many people to thank, I could never do it properly, so thanks everyone"; but this was such a good trip that it feels worth it to try and do right by at least many of the people who made it great. This is such an amazing community and literally everyone is pleasant to interact with.

atien, porkobolo, cros, wowarlok, all the TOs and judges: THANK YOU for such an incredibly well-run event. I see many people citing it as their favorite tournament ever and I think I feel the same. Everything worked so perfectly and it was all thanks to you.

null signal games: it is an honor and a joy to keep running with you

krysdreavus: neither of us would be here without the other and i'm so glad we've come so far together.

mallory, acme defender, art collector, polenta fiend: i don't even know where to begin. i love you so much!!!!! oh and try to get better at palutena before the next time we meet. loser.

aceempress: i don't know if i would have made it through the top cut without your infectious joy, your unceasing material support, and. you being a really really good kisser. thank you

harmonbee: i'm not the first to say it but you were the perfect head judge for this event, and a great netmom. stoked to see you at more events soon <3

veronica: thank you for being pasta mom. every qthouse needs someone with executive function and you were so helpful

ams: even though you only came here to steal our culture i still feel like i got something from you. it's the memes!

fi & kay: you're beautiful both individually and together and i'm glad i could be part of such a good experience for both of you <3

cobalt: you're so good at startup! i don't startup, i stand. ard. but i respect your choices nonetheless

qtm: those of you who stayed at home for any reason still floated in the atmosphere of the airbnb, in our conversations, in our love. i hope i get to meet many of you in SF

frogs: thanks for getting me into esa, although i keep making xem worse <3

taibreakers: cool playmat, extremely uncool runner, can't wait you see what you folks are up to next

auggy: the auginfusion curse has been broken! sad we didn't get a big grudge match, but i'm sure we can make up for that in interconts, and italian nats, and, and... the rivalry never ends

koga, wowarlok, silent: all the seeds for the great operation are in place now. we will make this meta the most feared in the world

ea sports: you made my favorite deck of the whole event and got three of my four wins. you're all amazing, thank you for the games, chats, thunderbolt analysis, and gelato

leopold: preparing for throwback together was an experience. thank you for the cucumber, the ob, the commentary, and especially the career advice, i'll take it to heart <3

testrunning: i had a great time chatting with you after swiss! thanks for the good cut math advice

theo: thanks for the bad cut math advice <3 hopefully we get to say hello someday

cablecarnage: thank you for your untiring obtimization work, carrying both me and j0n4ld so high

rhahi: the way you play scares me deeply and i mean it in the best way. you are a phenomenal player and i can't wait to see you top cut more big tournaments

girometics: likewise, i was really impressed by how well and how carefully you played our game. one of the highlights of the weekend for me

jakuza: excited about the discoveries you've made on this trip. i don't even know what a "vertical deck" might look like but i'm sure you'll be a trailblazer

goldenwitch: it takes such simple things to sustain us, the most important of which is to be Horny

of15-15: i wish we had gotten to spend more time together, though you are so kind you had to spend all your time making everything work while also piloting a beautiful corp. hope to see you soon!

rainbowmonkey: it feels good to repeat and echo and imitate

evie: talking about girls together was really important. final score is 4 girls 2 non-girls btw

baralai: the lift you gave us probably saved the whole tournament for a bunch of people. you're an angel, thank you

man in the moon: love you too too!

mom: you're probably not reading this but it's really nice that you're so supportive about netrunner!

thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart. let's do this again sometime?



As I said this is a tough deck to pilot, so watching it played is pretty important to figuring out some key lines that might not be obvious. To help you with learning the deck, here are head judge Harmonbee's notes from the grand finals game:


4 Jul 2024 Tamijo

You're horrid and lovely. I can't wait until it is declared that team mates never have to play against each other so that I never have to experience one of your horrific contraptions ever again, and instead can just sit next to you and watch you force somebody else to experience it instead.

4 Jul 2024 jan tuno

Love you too šŸ’

4 Jul 2024 Testrunning

Going into EMEA I was sure that the best corp deck would have to Ob, just not knowing which Ob. This is the best I have seen so far (from the near infinite possibilities of building Ob).

Sad thought that I did not get to play against this deck (in standard)

4 Jul 2024 J0N4LD

I said it during finals and I'll say it again; watching you play this deck is poetry in motion! Congrats on the finish, truly deserved

I'm sad we didn't get to face off during the event, but thank you so much for your infectious enthusiasm for Ob and your willingness to talk slots during the event - I'd love to pick your brains some more and do some dedicated Ob testing in future <3

4 Jul 2024 Jai

Iā€™m so happy for you, and so glad that we can learn basic arithmetic together šŸ˜Œ

SHAABR friendo!

4 Jul 2024 HaverOfFun

Hell yeah you're so damn cool!!! was awesome meeting ya and even cooler to get to sign your playmat!

4 Jul 2024 CobraBubbles

10/10, would rip seven off R&D again

4 Jul 2024 cros

The deck is amazing and the 1st place totally deserved. gg

4 Jul 2024 Baa Ram Wu

obtimization is my favourite new word!

Congrats on an epic performance!

4 Jul 2024 AceEmpress

This is an incredibly cool deck with an incredibly cool pilot! I don't know if I can put into words how overwhelmingly happy I was to see you win. Ocassionally I get a nagging sense of outsiderness, the sense that even if Netrunner is a space supportive of queerness, tournament success and victory and visibility is not for us. In winning with this deck, you drove 400,000 tons of Superheavy Logistics Ship through the iceberg of my fears and pulverised them. EMEA has meant so much to me for so many reasons, and you've been a massive part of that!!! I'm so touched that I could help, in any way, even if it was just making sure you took time to breathe and stayed fed and hydrated on Sunday.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

4 Jul 2024 AugustusCaesar

Incredible deck! But it is definitely going down at ICC as revenge <3

4 Jul 2024 Jakuza

Love this deck. Well deserved first place finish. On a personal note, looking forward to exploring this curious phenomenon of installing more than 1 ice on a server and this deck.

4 Jul 2024 Rhahi

Rhahi casted intimidate, it was successful! (Chance to succeed: 10%). We take those chances :)

6 Jul 2024 evie

wooooo!! kissing girls and ob time

6 Jul 2024 maninthemoon

Love you too three four ā¤ļø Really looking forward to getting to meeting you in person some day soon. Congrats on the well deserved win!