Anything Yellow Can Do I Can't Do Better

Phoenix 244

Biotic Labor - SEA Source - Big Brother - BOOM!!!!!

Enough said really right? Big Brother is a great card right?

When you put down CI everyone assumes you are playing combo and goes for the one super turn to try to win (enter Excalibur/Mother Goddess on HQ). Then they die. Other tactics are to Siphon a lot - who needs to clear tags against CI combo?

If the runner does something silly like trying to play kill protection just score an Efficiency Committee, and use the tokens + 3x Biotic Labor to BOOM! them some more.

NACH? Just score out using Efficiency Committee, Biotic Labor and Shipment from SanSan.

NACH + Clot? GG.

Funniest kill:

  • Run R&D Click 2

  • Rez Ichi

  • "Click Click Fire Trace"

  • "um, Trace 23"

  • "Whaaaaat?"

  • Big Brother, BOOM!.

Is this a competitive deck? No.

Is this a fun day to take to a GNK tournament? Yes!

30 Oct 2016 Phoenix

Oh and for some unknown reason this deck has gone 11-0 on Jinteki. Not the most representative of statistics, but surprising.

31 Oct 2016 Sixtyten

You're a terrible person. Very tempted to give this a go on Saturday

31 Oct 2016 Snake Eyes

It would probably be a lot easier to fire this off as a power shutdown deck. I made one like a month back for Jnet and it usually worked in competitive.

31 Oct 2016 Phoenix

The problem with a shutdown version is that it would likely involve sacrificing the score out option (i.e. the SfSS) which leaves you high and dry against some decks. Also a lot of decks are running Hades Shard in response to Shutdown BOOM decks which would also be a problem. I've never found the combo hard to set up to be honest. Be interested to see a working Shutdown version though.

31 Oct 2016 Phoenix

@Sixtyten I aim to please :)

2 Nov 2016 sologamer

Is eden fragment worth it?? The deck isnt super glacial

2 Nov 2016 Phoenix

All the 5/3 agendas may as well be blank, as you tend to score 3 turns in a row if you are going that route. I just like the art.