Pirate Geist - Unbeaten at UK Nats 9th place

teacake27 99

I faced 1 Azmari, 2 The Outfit, 1 PU and 1 CI in the Swiss, and 1 CTM in the cut with this deck and went unbeaten, Acme was less reliable. This is a fairly standard list I think, with a few personal preference choices.

On the Lam Vs No One Home: On the lamb allows you to drop to a lower credit total and be protected from HHN, i think this makes it more useful early and for turns when you have to clear a CTM remote.

Falsified Credentials is one of the best cards in this deck, money information and a Turtle counter, stops you wasting Dean Listers and hitting traps. Would put in three if I had a slot.

Embezzle: 90% of the time this is for operations and its great, it only missed once or twice, regular same old target.

In the new MWL you lose Mad Dash, but I only found it relevant in a small number of games, if GFI is everywhere swap in for "Freedom Through Equality", otherwise I'd recommend a third Falsified or second Embezzle or go to 45 cards.

27 Aug 2018 shanodin

Awesome performance Tom!

27 Aug 2018 dawspawn

Any spicy DJ targets? Or did you always go into Hayley? In Pirate decks I've found Quetzal to be really useful and can save you a Gbahali at times.

28 Aug 2018 teacake27

@shanodinthanks ?

@dawspawn always Hayley, she just makes the second run through your deck so efficient.