BEST endgame with Bloo Moose at home.

Two_EG 564

but now with

Bloo Moose at home:

Lago Paranoá Shelter + Buffer Drive + Strike Fund.

Leave only the Strike Funds in your stack and see what happens.

Actually Buffer Drive itself is really good in this type of deck. Infinite Patchwork + Steelskin or Strike Fund is not a joke.

29 Sep 2023 tantale

Love what you did here. Lago Paranoá Shelter seems so strong in this context, I wonder why you don't have three.

I tried to do something similar with Audrey v2, but I like your version better.

I find The Class Act really cool to do your tools and recycle quicker. Also, 45 cards?

29 Sep 2023 Two_EG

@tantale Yes definitely more Lagos should be here but not sure what to cut for it. You see, I even couldn't cut down this deck under 45 cards :P