Rapid Evolution

swabl 337

I was going to a jank tournament where we could all enjoy playing fun and weird Lunar cards one last time before they were lost to rotation, and had settled on a deck incorporating a cute little combo I'd been wanting to play for a while - Hasty Relocation to put a big piece of ICE on top of your deck, then using Mutate to cheat it out. The Foundry had some neat synergy with this gameplan, helping you find and filter out your cheap ICE, and with the ID settled the only thing left to do was lean far too hard into it.

Turns out putting a lot of bad ICE in your deck so you can later combo it into comically expensive ICE is not a great plan.

It was fun though, which is the most important thing! But god I wish I had cut a Hasty for 2 Executive Boot Camps. Turns out, if you can't rez your bad ICE because your opponents won't run, then you can't mutate them and this deck falls flat on its stupid face. Who knew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯