Hasty Relocation

Hasty Relocation 0[credit]

Influence: 2

As an additional cost to play this operation, trash the top card of R&D.

Draw 3 cards. Add 3 cards from HQ to the top of R&D in any order.

"Keep your head down, keep moving, try not to attract attention."
Illustrated by Juan Novelletto
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Intervention (in)

#74 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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At first glance, this card migth seem odd. It doesn't give you cards like Anonymous Tip does, because you put back just as many and don't "gain" cards. And it doesn't put agendas to safety, since you can only put them on top of R&D and don't shuffle them in. So, without another card to do the shuffle, it doesn't replace Jackson as a tool to fight agenda flooding. So what does it do? Well, it sets up combos...

  • If paired with Ambush cards, it can trap R&D in order to protect it against a runner that is likely to hit R&D, but unlikely to hit HQ.
  • If paired with Accelerated Diagnostics you can put 3 Operations from HQ on top of R&D and then resolve them. So, for 2 cards, 1 and 2s, you can play any 3 Operations you already had in hand (or happended to draw from R&D with Hasty Relocation). Aside from click compression, this also eliminates the paid ability windows between the 3 Operations. Also note that AD eliminates additional costs, like the 2nd you pay for Double Operations. There are plenty of combos to do, some of them might include:
  • If paired with Accelerated Beta Test you can put 3 ICE from HQ on top of R&D and then install and rez them for free on score. This can be done if you IAA the ABT on one turn and fire it on the next. Or you can try to build a massive combo that somehow manages to FA it on the same turn.
  • If paired with Mutate you can exchange a cheap gear-check on the field by a heavy hitter ICE on your hand for a reasonably small prize, creating taxing servers cheaply.
  • If paired with a shuffle effect, you can dig agendas from HQ into R&D. There are quite a few shuffle effects in every Corp fation, some more reliable, others a bit harder to combo with HR. My special mention here is Mutate, because it is in-faction and you get 1 big ICE while digging 2 agendas.
  • If paired with Power Shutdown you can make sure you don't trash anything useful when sniping away a runner's key piece. Or, if you are feeling very janky, you can use HR first , put some agendas on top of R&D, then use PS second and trash them, just to shuffle them back into R&D with Preemptive Action 3rd . Voilá, the agenda flood is stopped by attacking the runner's rig.

P.S.: Please leave other combo ideas in the comments, so I can add them.

(Intervention era)
Localized Product Line to grab your 3x of whatever seems good, especially with your Research Grant combo. —
In Jinteki, you could use this to set up Accelerated Diagnostics into 24/7 to trigger Philotic Entanglement for a potential kill - coupled with Neural EMPs or Salem's Hospitality, perhaps. —
That could work, but it seems to me to be a huge deck building investment for a combo that won't work if you can't find your Philotic Entanglement or the runner nabs it. —
Assuming that the corp has a scored AstroScript Pilot Program(or exchange information to it's score area), you could accelerated diagnostic/ 24/7 to add multiple agenda counters on autoscript for all the fast advance you could ever need. —