SkunkVoid Asa (1st & Undefeated @ Swiss Nats)

OF15-15 303

I've been playing with this deck since @Sokka published it after EMEA and it's an awesome and strong list. Not much to say here, Asa is really good and Wage Workers is the best card in the deck. During the tournament, I went undefeated with this list and @KNT_HLZ, who was on the same list, came in 2nd. Highlights include scoring an Ikawah Project from hand after drawing the whole deck.

Thanks a lot to all of my opponents and everyone else playing for the tournament. Special thanks to Luke for organizing and to maninthemoon for this list. It was awesome!


21 Sep 2023 Blackwing

How would you score an ikawah from hand? Biotic gives +1, wage workers gives +1, where's the last coming from?

21 Sep 2023 SMITTYL

If you have multiple Spin Doctors on the board you could play biotic, shuffle it back in, draw it again with the 2nd spin?

21 Sep 2023 leachrode

@Blackwing With a vitruvius counter, you can either biotic a vitruvius early as a 4/2 then spin the biotic back and play biotic > vitruv > biotic and get the 6th click from workers, or just never advance the vitruv with wage workers/seamless to get the counter

21 Sep 2023 OF15-15

It was fully op > biotic > vitruv counter gets biotic back > biotic > install > adv. 5 times. That's your normal 3 + 2 from WW + 4 from biotic = 9 clicks