Karma Chameleon

Charlie Echo 2

They come and go, they come and go...

[Eternal format]

This deck was inspired by @turtle's The Novelist deck, but I adjusted it to fit my own collection and preferences at the time, and have been tweaking it since then. Many of the notes on that deck apply just as well to this one.

I leaned in hard to the installation theme, replacing the Event-based card draw with Replicator and Customized Secretary (plus SMC of course, but that was in the original deck too) as they can be installed and therefore play into the same synergy as everything else. Honestly I don't know if it's enough but hey, when I build around a theme, I build around a damn theme.

I added Brain Chip to help get more Program nonsense onto the table later in the game.

Data Folding pairs nicely with Chameleon as they share the same memory slots - and it also gives some more Resource options for double-installs with Hayley's ability.

Lady, Cyber-Cypher and Ika target any particularly strong ICE that's outside of your Chameleons' range. Takobi can help, too.

I find Nyashia is easier to get onto the table than R&D Interface in most cases.

Savoir-faire is just silly - I try to use it on the Corp's turn to get an extra Hayley trigger, but honestly it rarely works and I should probably just replace it with something more reliable.

I've enjoyed piloting it, even if I do struggle to remember all the triggers once it gets up and running.