Never Not Whizzard (1st Place, Sydney SC, 11/2/2017)

RJorb 194

Crunchums, a great poet of the modern era, put it best:

"Always play Whizzard always play Whizzard
always Whizzard
never be not playing Whizzard
Whizzard always
never not Whizzard
Whizzard yes
Whizzard Whizzard Whizzard"

Won 4/6 games across the day. Swiss: Lost to Stinson BABW (should've trashed the Stinson!), lost to HB FA, beat GRNDL, beat IG49. Top 4 Cut: Beat RP, beat RP.

12 Feb 2017 AberDamo4

I have an interesting question @RJorb: after rotation, all that will be illegal from this deck is Liberated Account and Whizzard: Master Gamer. Are there some ready made replacements to fill the roles? Surely it can't be so hard to replace the economy; Whizz seems tougher to source a stand-in for though.

12 Feb 2017 RJorb

@AberDamo4: Yeah, as you say, losing Liberated Account isn't really an issue... but losing Whizzard is. A large part of his strength comes from being able to contest assets right from turn 1, and none of the other Anarch IDs are really a substitute for that. Valencia and her bad pub come closest, but without Blackmail (which also rotates out) I'm not sure she's worth running.