Typical PPVP Kate (1st place at 2015 National)

lucasli 442

This is the deck I piloted in St. Louis regional and National (both 1st place). In St. Louis it goes 5-1 in Swiss (loses to HBFA), 2-0 in eli. In national it goes 4-2 in Swiss (both loses to RP because I'm bad at psi game) and 4-0 in eli.

5 Aug 2015 gravyk

That Escher was MVP in our game :) Congrats again!

5 Aug 2015 furbolgy

Congrats Lucas! It was great meeting you at the Chicago and St. Louis regionals.

5 Aug 2015 ff0X

Worlds, really? :D

6 Aug 2015 lucasli

@ff0X Thanks for mentioning... corrected.

6 Aug 2015 Spaceman_Spiff

Nah man, confidence! Worlds winning decklist right here.

6 Aug 2015 Superduck

Congrats :)

6 Aug 2015 dtelad11

Congratulations :) Could you share your Corp deck, please?

6 Aug 2015 Koshea

I believe his deck was the same as HERE with -1 SanSan City Grid, +1 Wraparound

6 Aug 2015 saltytacopanda


6 Aug 2015 lucasli

@dtelad11 My corp deck is exact same as bblum's list (link given by Koshea). The -1 SanSan City Grid, +1 Wraparound was my list for St. Louis regional.

7 Aug 2015 8shanrahan

Love the escher include. Is the test run included over a 3rd SMC to leverage PPVD credits?

7 Aug 2015 lucasli

@8shanrahan It's also a recursion when you need to recur parasite, one-shot icebreaker, or lady. In some specific case it's even worthy to do same old thing on test run.

7 Aug 2015 saltytacopanda

How did you find not having an Indexing?

12 Aug 2015 iloveMRT

What would you swap for Film Critic?

24 Aug 2015 jamiejame911

Kati Jones not worth it?