Green Sports

coldlava 204

This deck did well for me on the day. I had a terrible first round were I got swept but afterwards I didn't lose a game with this deck including a 2 for 1. My runner however suffered from poor piloting of CS Zahya which went 1-2.

Its based on the rush archetype of Bblum's deck from worlds last year but leans heavily into fast advance. The basic idea is to build a quick remote to rush out a Oaktown or an Atlas with a counter. If you can score it off a Malapert to grab a FA tool, especially Biotic Labor early. Then you switch to FA and Extract, pop the Border Control, or Azef to trash the ice on the remote and turn them into ice on centrals once you pivot to finish with fast advance.

Other lines this deck has, if you score an Azef you can turn a Yakov Erikovich Avdakov into the Malapert Data Vault and search for the next FA tool. Sometimes it's worth it to biotic and audacity a Atlas to just get a counter. Lastly if you think you'll get clot locked towards the end of the game, play it a bit like a combo deck use the Malapert to get a biotic, an audacity, and an extract in hand. With it you can FA through clot lock from 3 credits by extracting a 4 credit ice into a mavirus and playing both the biotic and audacity.

It's a really fun deck and the two main things I'd consider changing are turning one Yakov into a Regolith Mining License to allow quick credit bounce backs and dropping at least one mavirus if shaper is really as dead as it seems right now.

Thanks to OP for for hosting the event and all the casters for streaming!