True Neutral

Diogene 2547

No influence. Only neutral. Is it good or bad? I say : maybe.

True Neutral

More than a year ago, I posted a Neutral deck. Time has passed and Nisei published new cards. Here is the result.

Mulligan plan : You want to have no agendas or 2 ices.

Game plan : Score behind ice.

There is some AI hate with Conundrum, which is often unexpected. Note that Unity is better than Engolo against it (4 instead of 5).

Lots of credits in the deck, half the deck bring you credits.

TechnoCo is a good pressure card, especially early. This card is underrated in my opinion. And Mumbad Virtual Tour act like an additional ice. The latter could be changed to Prisec, but I went for more econ warfare, rather than a tag. But both have equal value.

What changed since the last meta?

  1. There are cheap neutral ices that have an impact early : Tithe, Whitespace and Palisade are pretty good early, which are cheap for the effect they have.

  2. Regolith Mining License is a gold mine.

  3. There are a lot of tempo neutral/positive agendas, enough that you don't need faction's agendas.

In minimal testing, the deck performed well in casual. There are others way to go with an all neutral deck. Lady Liberty is another possibility and going more horizontal is also a possibility, with PAD Campaign and other such cards.

But the best remain seeing the same reaction over and over. The first thing the runner ask is : are there currents in the deck? Then, you can feel the runner trying to figure out why would a corp player play a blank ID.


Oups, I meant : meh.

3 May 2022 DL7RRK

This is an interesting deck in its own way. I understand the idea, but I don't get it. Especially the blank ID. It fits the concept. But it doesn't.I feel like trying to set up a Deck all with cards that don't do something now. This is weird. I have to try it.

3 May 2022 Diogene

@DL7RRK your comment fit the deck perfectly.

In my test, the deck felt like regular Netrunner, with no special tricks. With runners making runs on servers on the last click, to save a credit on Enigma and Conundrum, makes me rethink using Mumbad Virtual Tour instead of Prisec.

Having no influence paid for, not even neutral, is rough. I think Global Food Initiative would be good in this deck.

Thanks for sharing.

4 May 2022 Rahrhino

psst No-one would be mad if you slipped a playset of Indian Union Stock Exchange in here :P

16 May 2022 Diogene

@Rahrhino Indian Union Stock Exchange is an undervalue card. I might try it in a Gagarin deck. Thanks for sharing.