Patchwork Val 3.1

Kikai 1860

I've called the list "Patchwork Val" because the switch from Turntable to Patchwork is what most obviously differentiates this from a sensible Val list, but, really, this list is entirely built around Crowdfunding.

Trashing a Crowdfunding to play Dirty Laundry for free, and to get your third succesful run of the turn is a good feeling.

Most of the differences between this list and a more sensible Val list are middling at best, but I do want to sing the praises of Day Job. I feel like Swapping Liberated Account for Day Job allows us to drop Hacktivist Meeting - which, unless I'm mistaken, is primarily still in the more sensible lists as a counter-current to clear Scarcity of Resources.

Run Amok is a frankly expensive attempt to mitigate the lack of Inject, by giving you a way to get into a remote early. It helped me once on the day (York SC) against Mti, but it's not great.

Knifed is a flex slot.