No Unicorns (2nd Place Jinteki,net Nisei Standard, 6W/1L)

mo0man 377

It's fast advance titan. Not too many surprises. I chose it because my runner is a slow deck that I hadn't played before, and this deck is quick and relatively thoughtless. Which isn't to say that I didn't make mistakes, rather that the deck and draw saved me from a lot of them.

I figure a lot of wins happened mostly because a lot of other Titans were on some form of kill, and it caused Runners to play more conservatively. Not likely to play it again that I've placed well with it (OR WILL I?) But whether you play this deck or if you play the version of the deck that punishes runs, they both benefit from a meta that could be either.

Anyway, down to card choices. Switched from Global Food Initiative to SDS Drone Deployment, and then adjusted ice suite a little bit.

Was tempted to do the cute thing with where I run 3x Cyberdex Virus Suite and 3x Sandstone but you can obviously see that I didn't. You should try it, let me know how it works.

Daily Business Show is weird, but I had an influence and it sometimes gave me cards, which is pretty good in Titan.

Consulting Visit is a maybe. I put it in mostly to grab Ark Lockdown, and I never did it, so you know. Maybe it'll work better for you.

A unicorn was probably a good idea. Maybe a Mother Goddess or Excalibur