A-aron Waltz 1.1 (3-1) @ TEG Store Championship

jase2224 320

This is the deck I ran with at the Total Escape Games Store Championship in Broomfield, CO. Last store championship of the season with 21 players! I got swept the first round, by going against a SOL deck using Aryabhata Tech and Macrophage deck that sufficiently drained all my money to the point that I conceded as I had no real hope of winning as it was a glacier build that had plenty of funds and kept me poor. Second round was against Argus which with Leela’s ability and Aaron made for a quick game. I then faced a Architects of Tomorrow deck that did a great job of having rezzed ICS across the board, but thanks to the HQI and RDI installations, my runs allowed me to get enough points for the win. At this point, I managed to also score wins with my PU deck giving me 12 points going into the 4th round. With 24 sweeps in the first three rounds, most of us needed a sweep in the 4th round for a chance to make the cut to top 4. Last round was against a Blue Sun deck which I was able to get a desperado and sneakdoor online in the first two turns and saw the midseasons in hand so I knew scoring any agendas without a good amount of credits in my pool would inevitably lead to my death from BOOM!, one of which I had trashed from accessing in HQ. Fortunately, the turn I scored an agenda I had enough points that I would have had enough credits to not make the midseason play worthwhile. I can’t remember much after that as I could get a credit lead and win on points. Changes from the prior version are the HQI and Guru. The HQI I feel is better than legwork with the sneakdoor runs and increased cards you get to see in HQ while running aggressively. The Guru was added primarily to stop railgun decks due to facing it at Petries SC a couple of weeks ago, which of course I didn’t go against. However, with Jinteki seemingly increasing in our meta, I’m keep testing with Guru because it’ll be useful against Snare! accesses. Anyway, it was great playing Leela again during the last couple of store championships. My strength of schedule kept me from making the cut, but it was a great day of netrunner with Apex winning the day in a field of some very strong players.

19 Feb 2017 vor_lord

You done messed up A-aron!

For railgun tech, I slotted Hades Shard rather than Guru Davinder. I like that it doubles as CI hate.

20 Feb 2017 jase2224

I can agree with CI hate and Guru vs Hades Shard can really be a meta call. Seeing as we only had two CI decks at the tournament and 7 Jinteki IDs, I'd say I made the right call for the day. However, I like being able to hostage for the Guru if needed. With Leela, CI is already some good hate as they have to spread out the combo to win over a couple of turns rather than one and more time for Leela makes things very dangerous. Anyone other than Leela, I can totally go with slotting the Hades over the Guru though!

20 Feb 2017 whirrun

Did you say that Apex won? Any idea of what list, or was Apex just someone's name?

20 Feb 2017 jase2224

@whirrunyes, Apex won. He was using Snake Eyes' lastest version: netrunnerdb.com We also streamed the tournament, but you can see it in action (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/123006508) during the final match for the win at the end of the video.

20 Feb 2017 vor_lord

@jase2224 How easy was it to use Guru against Jinteki? The main reason I have not run him is because I figured against Jinteki it'd be prohibitively expensive (as unlike Feedback Filter Guru is not optional).

20 Feb 2017 jase2224

@vor_lordI don't think it is good against a thousand cuts, but would be great for snare! accesses as the corp might not fire it. However, the Palana grail ice decks running around he should be good. Plus it helps against fetals and when the new 4 net damage agenda hits, he'll be great. Great thing about Jinteki is they usually have lots of remotes so this build makes plenty of money that I'm able to use him and it is only a little more expensive than Feedback Filter.