The Guillotine - 2nd Place at UK Nationals 2017

echo/ 830

It always makes the cut.

This deck is a bit of a pet project for me, I've always loved rush as an archetype and it's always been something Weyland has support for, but often just not enough power to justify taking it over other corps. Skorpios, Hunter Seeker and Audacity breathed new life into the archetype, so I started testing different builds. This is what I settled on. I previously made the cut at a regional using the same list, so I felt confident enough to take it to Nationals.

The list is almost entirely 2s or 3s as I'm a huge fan of consistency and this deck doesn't have time to dig for specific answers. You want to do the same thing every time, in a short number of turns - set up a small amount of ICE on centrals and then build a remote to start scoring. Once you reach 5 points, the final two can be scored from hand, circumventing the standard rush problem of what to do when the runner finds their breakers.

Overall this deck went 4-1 (+2 IDs) in the Swiss and 2-0 in the cut. My one loss was to a Reg Whizz deck, I drew a somewhat awkward opening hand and played as if I was going to draw into the ICE I wanted when I probably should have just rushed using what I had.

17 Sep 2017 emilyspine

THEY ALWAYS DO (make the cut)

Congratulations Don, making Weyland great again.

18 Sep 2017 Antisthenes

Do you ever score Standoff or is it just for Hunter Seeker? If you score it, under what conditions?

18 Sep 2017 MikeJS

Am I right in saying this is Core 2.0 compatible too? Even more impressive. Congrats on the performance @echo/!

18 Sep 2017 Cluster Fox

@MikeJSnot quite. Quandary rotates. Easily remedied, though :)

18 Sep 2017 MikeJS

@Cluster FoxAh, thanks! And correct, easy to adjust.

18 Sep 2017 massisi

Congrats again Don, interesting to see the whole deck, out of curiosity what runners did you play against in swiss?

19 Sep 2017 echo/

@Antisthenes I score standoff in a small number of games, but it's normally because I'm planning on rezzing an Archer or to clear an annoying current. So long as the runner has a breaker installed they should pass immediately so you don't need to fear getting your ICE destroyed.

@massisi I'm considering doing a more detailed writeup soon but a brief overview: Swiss: 3 Desperado Whizz, 2 Andy Cut: Frantic Whizz, Andy

21 Sep 2017 TerrorTot38

What would you replace quandry with? Data pike?

21 Sep 2017 TerrorTot38

@echo/Congratulations again Don!

17 Oct 2017 Matt500

@echo/Hey mate, just wanted to let you know i took this deck and made about 5 or so card changes but kept the bare bones of the deck and won me a GNK! love to rush out agenda's. Cheers and well done.