Spanish Inquistion (Revised Worlds 32nd, 82st, 93rd, 103rd)

Erik_Twice 2038

This is a revised version of the deck the Spanish team took to Worlds. It's a prison, CtM-based deck that creates an extremely hard lock thanks to Aryabhata Tech, Primary Transmission Dish and Door to Door.

Other than Tre (Two time Spanish Champion), nobody was going to play it at first, they all decided to play it right before the tournament, as they thought it was very strong and could catch opponents out guard. Jaz (Current Spanish Champion, 32nd at Worlds) was dismayed when I first showed it him but eventually came around, calling it "the most oppresive deck he has ever seen".

Sadly their choice of Runner (Kate) proved to be far less successful, limiting what they could achieve. They finished like this:

Jaz in 32nd place, Marc in 81 st place, Tre 93rd place, Dolar, 103rd place.


You setup by playing Political assets, and digging for your pieces with Jackson and Sensie. Once you have Primary Transmission Dish, you can tutor for Door too Door and whitle them down. If they try to get out of the lock, you play Hard-Hitting News and if they don't, they'll quickly be unable to run.

While the deck has a lot of moving parts, you don't need them all to start the lock and you have a lot of tutors so this should be done very quickly. You can reliably lock the Runner in seven turns or less.

While Door to Door is a win-condition on its own, most of the games are won by tutoring Boom! for the kill. Alternatively, you can use Private Security Force or, in extremely rare ocassions, score.


Executive Boot Camp, Consulting Visit: Search for key cards.

The News Now Hour: Keeps your Door to Door on the table while nullifying Employee Strike. Tutorable with Executive Boot Camp.

Media Blitz: A post-Worlds inclusion, this lets you use Restructured Datapool and crush the Runner with three traces per turn. Tutorable with Consulting Visit.

Observe and Destroy: Another post-Worlds inclusion. Gets rid of counters and can destroy icebreakers for a total lockout. Tutorable with Consulting Visit.

Diversified Portfolio, Melange Mining Corp.: Quick ways to get enough credits to threaten Hard-Hitting News. Tutorable with Consulting Visit and Executive Boot Camp, respectively.

Museum of History: Gives you infinite tutors, brings back assets so the lock cannot be broken.

Other options:

Net Police: Net Police is a fourth Primary Transmission Dish and a good out to high-link. Very common inclusion, but it's not strictly necessary.

Yes, Net Police has made it into Worlds.

Data Ward: New inclusion. Has found a slot in some of Marc's new decklists and probably many more players.

Notably this deck does not play Breaking News nor AstroScript Pilot Program, making it impervous to a good deal of meta-hate and future MWL restrictions. It's also oppresive and unfun, don't take it to the casual lobby!

PD: The original idea from the deck comes from a decklist by Greylin ( that I significantly improved. I felt like the lock needed a better shell so I added Museum, tutors and heavily reduced the influence spent on Door to Door and Boom. I also did away with scoring and reduced agenda density by playing 5/3s. In other words, I made the deck less fun. Yikes!

27 Nov 2016 CaptainMark


27 Nov 2016 Ironcache

Anyone who didn't expect CtM at worlds isn't really keeping up.

28 Nov 2016 aakroma

@IroncacheMaybe its a joke about Monty Python ?

28 Nov 2016 Ironcache

@aakroma Maybe. Maybe its also a follow-up joke about how pervasive CtM is in competitive Netrunner. I guess we'll never truly know though; art being subjective and what not.

28 Nov 2016 Erik_Twice

@Ironcache Yes, I'm sure everyone expected the Spanish team to 1) Go to Worlds 2) Play Door to Door =P

28 Nov 2016 Erik_Twice

@Ironcache It's simply a joke about Spaniards playing something unexpected (Door to Door).

28 Nov 2016 Ironcache

I mean, yes? Almost everyone would expect people from Spain to go to world's I'm sure, especially national champs. Most would probably also guess that they'd bring a deck that could plausibly win world's, which admittedly has a breadth of possibilities, ranging from playing EoI in CtM with assets, to playing Psychographics in CtM with assets, to playing [edgy import here] in CtM with assets.

I want trying to rain on anyone's parade with my initial comment. This deck looks strong, and I hope the players that went to world's enjoyed it. But, to be clear, this was the most predictable Spanish Inquisition in recorded history.

28 Nov 2016 Ironcache

I Wasn't trying to...*

28 Nov 2016 Ironcache

I looked over my last comment and realize I might've come off more negative than I intended. It's a game, and the important thing is people have fun with it. I sincerely just intended it to be a light-heated joke (I think we can agree that CtM is a very common face in competitive Netrunner).

Anyway, congratulations to your crew for the strong average placement. Hope it was fun and memorable.

28 Nov 2016 Sanjay

@Ironcache I get the sentiment that CtM + Assets isn't an extremely novel combination (and also that you were just trying to playfully chide people for describing it as unexpected).

At the same time, I gotta give some respect to anyone who brings Private Security Force to day 2 of Worlds. To me, that's the truly amazing thing.

I guess also any yellow deck that isn't a Breaking News/24/7/Exchange of Information combo deck is unexpected to me.

28 Nov 2016 CaptainMark

@Ironcache82nd player here. The "Nobody Expects" is for:

  • One of our players (2 times Spanish National Champion) wrote on a Stimhack thread "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION" to announce 4 spaniards will come to worlds (Last year there was only one, me. 2013, nobody. 2012, only one. So, you can't say that is something expected). Obvious reference to Monty Python, as well.

  • Regarding the deck, it performed really well, and the combination of Dish, Aryabhata and Door to Door was something no one could see in advance, and that's something unexpected (even a tester who played against one of us got really amazed by it, as some other big names like, for example, @spags, who's actually playing his own version). It also performed well in KOS, getting a 4-1, only losing to D1en who removed Boom! from the game and won straight after I scored a PSF who could have bring him some problems. Also, our team was named "NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION" (Again :) ). Then, the deck is solid, losing only on the clock against crazy mediums runs, and having only 8 agendas in helps against that, making it harder to achieve (one of my rivals made a 17 R&D cards access to score nothing, as all the agendas were on the bottom thanks to Sensie. Then, in this situation, you have to forget about Jackson and Museum, of course).

So, the "Nobody expects", which was my comment, was more like our inside job, which was repeated several times all the weekend, but also a reference at all I said before :)

Thanks guys for the nice comments! And, of course, thanks @Erik_Twicefor the initial idea!

(By the way, it was also 3rd place in a SC this weekend, because I played very poorly my top games :( I really wanted to give the deck a good achievement, but well... maybe another day)

30 Nov 2016 moistloaf

Beautiful influence spread

1 Dec 2016 Erik_Twice

@moistloaf 10 "free" influence, 100% Weyland. No MWL. It's indeed beautfiul :)

2 Dec 2016 DarthIA

I played a very similar build last week, with mixed results. I was already playing the @Greylin list before Worlds, and found it so fun that I couldn't help myself trying this approach after I knew the Spanish team at Worlds were going to take it there.

My version has a different agenda mix with fewer 5/3 agendas and an AstroScript Pilot Program. I also removed the Bankers (maybe I shouldn't?) to free up some influence to slot in a Zealous Judge, which I think is a cool threat in this particular deck, anyway.

How do you find Observe and Destroy vs. Best Defense? I was trying the latter but never got the chance to use it...

Kudos for the deck and congrats to my fellow Spaniards for the results!

3 Dec 2016 Erik_Twice

@DarthIA Hey, glad yo hear you are having fun with the deck :D

For me the top prioirt is saving as many deck slots as possible, which is why I decided to run as many 5/3s. I would even run Global Food and Vanity Project if I could! Being able to score is not a priority.

Zealous Judge looks a lot of fun, you can easily play one copy and tutor it. You don't need the bankers per se, so feel free to experiment, but you often want to tutor for them so I would keep 1 at least.

For me Observe and Destroy is better because it allows you to trash anything with just one tag. After all, if the Runner has more than one you can just tutor Boom and win, rendering Best Defense unecessary.

Hope yo keep playing it, have fun!

12 Jan 2017 arkonnen7

I'm trying this out, as said is not much fun for the runner. I've swapped wraparound with Ip Block. But in the future i'm looking foward to implement Macrophage (for the extra 4 traces that can drain the runner resources quite fast if Aryabhata is rezzed)

12 Jan 2017 CaptainMark

Nice to know you like it!

Bear in mind, though, that nowadays is not a good moment to play this, as Andy with Power tap is growing popular... But if you have none of it in your meta, enjoy it!