Masochist Alice (Kalamazoo store champ CI Killer)

Silencer 174

Using early game tricks like David, Run Amok, Stim hack, and Ddos, to gain early game entrance to servers, while building up strong combos to disrupt the hand and trash it entirely. Fisk investment seminar allows you to force cards into the hand and trash them after mandatory draw. The deck combos well with ive had worse and can draw powerfully with injects and Fisk.

15 Mar 2018 Income Tax

Any thoughts on using Zer0 when it comes out?

The 1x DDoS seems strange if you want it to combat rush. D4v1d will only stop their big ice, while rush corps will try to hide behind Enigma or Vanilla. Was D4v1d really that effective?

16 Mar 2018 x3r0h0ur

d4v1d is game winning. it won him the final game against aginfusion with blacklist. DDoS and Run Amok gets you into a 2 ice remote, and destroys an ice. its actually a good combo. I'm surprised more DDoS aren't in the deck (my updated version includes 2, and will 100% slot zer0).

16 Mar 2018 Silencer

You have no good ability to break big ice and the deck is very poor. So David is good to get through Fairchild 3.0 and such. A second ddos might be fine, but one works well enough for me. Zero is a game changer, it will make the deck exstreamly consistent.

17 Mar 2018 LSK

What would you cut for the second DDoS?

21 Mar 2018 Silencer

Probably a run amok

29 Mar 2018 kyuss

@Silencerhow effective/good is the use of Political Operative in this deck? how often you use it?

20 Apr 2018 Silencer

It is the counter you need against MCA, it is also very useful for Sandburg and that one NBN asset that you click 3 times for a point.