World's Top Jesminder - Unchosen Side Event

Sanjay 3429

Cpt_Nice, who incidentally did ridiculously well on Sunny at Worlds, ran a side event with a charming premise. The format was Standard, but you had to play an ID that was unrepresented at Worlds.

This meant the options were:

Corp side:

  • Near-Earth Hub
  • HB: Architects of Tomorrow (my pick)
  • Hyobou Institute
  • New Angeles Sol
  • Spark Agency
  • Weyland: Building a Better World

Runner side:

  • Akiko Nisei
  • Apex
  • Gnat
  • Jesminder Sareen
  • Khan
  • Nero Severn
  • Null
  • Omar Keung
  • Quetzal

I came into Worlds with very little prep time, which means I didn't have time to figure out a Jesminder deck that works. Not wanting to spend the whole day with a non-functional runner deck, I borrowed my friend Laura's MaxX deck and played that instead. (Not because I have an issue with spending the whole day with a non-functional runner deck. It's just that's what I did in my last tournament, and I like to keep things fresh.)

So I was delighted for this opportunity to prove myself best Jesminder in the World, by defeault.

By my luck, every other player decided to play Near-Earth Hub, and I had great matchups throughout the tournament. I don't know if this deck actually functions against a less NBN-y field, but it sure does get through IP Blocks like a champ.