Mom's Mad Dash (top 32 @ Worlds)

Cpt_nice 1452

No long write-up, since this deck is pretty well-known by now. Contrary to past Worlds, it was Sunny who underperformed for me this year, winning only 3 out of 7 of her games. One of those games was against CTM, where I feel I could have probably played a bit differently, and the other 3 were all vs PD, which is clearly a very bad match-up and one I am still trying hard to improve. As discussed with a few fellow enthusiasts, you probably want a couple of Political Operatives, and maybe a Stimhack-at-home or 2 to deal with their remote. Or just hope people hop on the Gagarin and CTM train, and tech very hard for that match-up.

Pad Tap and Mad Dash are welcomed back with open arms, and I think Fencer Fueno is even better than it was last year, since people seem to like Ganked quite a bit and it helps a lot against Gagarin. Boomerang was meant to have a bit more game against the speedy corps, and it partially helped. Also, after being quite skeptical, I do now believe that 3 is the right number of White Hats.

Thanks for everyone who helped out @ Worlds, it was a blast, yet again! Hopefully see you all soon in person.