Move Over, Seth Rollins - Unchosen 1st Place

Sanjay 3245

This was my Corp deck for Unchosen, the charming side event Cpt_Nice put on at Worlds. The format was Standard, but you had to play an ID that was unrepresented at Worlds. It was a great idea! Especially in a digital-only Worlds, where you don't have to bring your collection across the globe in case you want to deckbuild.

We only had a few people play, but I hope this format as a little cherry on top of Worlds continues in some way.

This year, the options were:

Corp side:

  • Near-Earth Hub
  • HB: Architects of Tomorrow
  • Hyobou Institute
  • New Angeles Sol
  • Spark Agency
  • Weyland: Building a Better World

Runner side:

  • Akiko Nisei
  • Apex
  • Gnat
  • Jesminder Sareen (my pick)
  • Khan
  • Nero Severn
  • Null
  • Omar Keung
  • Quetzal

I finally got to do the Ganked Ansel thing! It's cute. Highly recommend. I went 2-1 with the deck and it brought me a lot of joy, even though I was a try-hard and cut my CFC Excavation Contracts for cards that actually work.

24 Nov 2021 swan

Wait... Someone was playing the Mumbad NBN ID in the main event?

I like using Mwanza to force them to hit the Ganked? Did you consider slotting the purple lockdown or is Seemless so much better that IA-NAC isn't a worthwhile play pattern in AoT?

24 Nov 2021 Sanjay

One player on day 1A! Looks like they won three games with it too!

I hadn't considered the Purple Lockdown and that sounds super cool. I haven't played much Mwanza HB lately though it is an archetype I adore, and that does sound like a pretty reasonable card for Architects regardless.