[SG+SU21] Tāo Salonga - Server Restructuring

Girometics 1745

By planning ahead and using his ID ability, this Tāo list tries to leverage the fact that Gordian Blade retains it's strength after being boosted by swapping pieces of ice so they stack in your favor. We also run Botuli to cheaply deal with most ice in the early game while trying to draw into our breakers. Test Run let's us find these breakers more easily and can even recover old Botuli from the heap. At first, Smartware Distributor may seem like a weird inclusion, but the plan is to either install it early where we can benefit from it the longest or to install it later clicklessly using Pantograph, and if you find you don't have the clicks to stack the credits on them or need a burst of money, you can sell them in Aesop's Pawnshop for 3 creds. Since you only have a deck size of 40 cards, I think you can get away with enitrely running on Professional Contacts and cutting Earthrise Hotel, which in turn means that you might want to consider holding on to that Professional Contacts in the opening hand.

19 Jun 2022 PreNic

Aesop is also happy to buy a Telework Contract with the last 3 credits on it.