♦ Pantograph 2[credit]

Hardware: Console
Influence: 3

+1[memory unit]

Whenever an agenda is scored or stolen, gain 1[credit]. Then, you may install 1 card from your grip.

Limit 1 console per player.

“With this beautiful baby I can juggle simultaneous runs by haptic feedback alone!”
Illustrated by Martin de Diego Sádaba
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System Gateway (sg)

#23 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2021-10-10

    If the Runner steals an agenda with their first R&D access and uses Pantograph to install eXer, can they access another card?

    No. The limit to how many cards the Runner can access from R&D is determined at the beginning of breaching R&D. If an ability that would modify a breach, such as eXer’s ability, becomes active after the Runner has accessed a card, then it is too late to affect that breach.

  • Updated 2021-10-10

    If the Corp scores an agenda, and the Runner uses Pantograph to install Mystic Maemi, does the Runner put a credit on Mystic Maemi?

    No. Conditional abilities must be active at the time their trigger condition is met in order to resolve. Mystic Maemi was not installed until after the agenda was stolen, so the Runner cannot trigger its ability at that time.


Finally, Shapers get a cheap console in faction. And a good one at that! Unless you are really unlucky and the console is at the bottom, you can expect to trigger at least twice in a game, making the console pay for itself.

Pantograph along with DZMZ Optimizer and Rezeki, allow you to provide lots of 2 card on the board to use Khusyuk. Making it very easy to build a deck that would use Khusyuk.

Otherwise, if you do not need a console, it can act as a 4th DZMZ Optimizer to provide an additional .

At 3 influences, I see absolutely no reason to use it outside of shaper. Any influence equivalent console is better than this out of faction. But for shapers, this is perfect, adding efficiency for a low cost.

Nice effect, nice art, nice quote, nice flavor, nice card.

(System Update 2021 era)