Stealth for the Dispossessed (Adelaide Regionals 1st Place)

firesa 670

Fairly classic Stealth Andy which I have been playing in some form or another since store champs. The deck is still excellent and with 9 card openers really lets you find a hand that suits the match up.

Was 1st place after swiss and finished 1st overall.

I expected a lot of RP but faced 0 RP decks. The deck went 4-0 (first round bye) in Swiss, and 2-1 in playoffs, losing one game but coming back to beat that person in the final game of the night. Matchups were as follows.

R1: bye (Store Championship win)

R2: Win v Industrial Genomics

R3: Win v Fastro NEH

R4: Win v Fastro NEH

R5: Win v Butchershop NEH

Top 8:

Win v HB ETF Glacier

Loss v Fastro NEH (opponent from round 3)

Win v Fastro NEH (opponent from round 3 again)

The deck is obviously tailored to beating decks like RP, any glacier style decks, and the feedback filter even came back in for matchups such as IG, which had risen in popularity in our meta. That being said, a resurgence of NEH decks including butchershop, nearpad style decks, and just general FA NEH had me bring a john masanori back in and put a third sec testing in, cutting my second kati. This is also pretty good against IG, and you lose very little v RP. I personally hate floating tags from masanori and I will def eat some if I am not careful, so I really only play him if I know I'll get regular use out of him.

Anyway the deck is lean, it's mean, and with dece openers can definitely give even the fast advance decks, which are its worst matchups, a good run for their money. A lot of games were won with the help of an early RDI and a couple of breakers, enabling regular pokes at R&D with equally regular attacks on HQ. This strategy worked alright even in the game I lost, where I stole six points (two beales, two breaking news) while my opponent astro trained out and finished with an NAPD.

The deck is a ton of fun, I'd change nothing but you can play Dirty Laundry instead of Career Fair (but career fair can lead to some great opening hands), you can fit a passport if you so desire, and the feedback filter and even the plascrete are optional, I played neither of them on the day (actually, I might have played the feedback filter v IG and stopped...two net damage with it? Not sure) and beat butchershop by staying ahead on money.

22 Jun 2015 Softman25

'and the feedback filter even came back in for matchups such as IG, which had risen in popularity in our meta'

I win.

22 Jun 2015 firesa

Ahahaha you deserve some of the credit, buddy, I actually put it in after I lost a game on 6 points against Riccardo playing IG, becauseI had run out of cards in my deck. But yeah, you are a couple of fiends xD