RAM 1 - Reina Roja

Lem 34

Deck made with a limited RAM card pool seen with search: "d:r e:sg|hap|asis|bf|dtwn|eas|ftm|in|kg|mt|ms|qu|so|tlm"

First idea was to use The Black File but because the card pool was missing its best friend Dr. Lovegood, we needed a better plan than to just find those two cards + resource protection.

The available cards pointed heavily towards a boat Shaper and towards HB with a lot of good ice.

I wanted to avoid Endurance, so I had an idea to make a deck that would break ice with a lot of subs very cheaply and have some tricks. Most corps were very likely teching against Endurance and this deck could work well against those. And it kinda did but would of needed some testing to polish it up and to make it more consistent.