NEXT FoodSales (2nd overall NorCal Regionals)

tzeentchling 890

Deck placed second seed after swiss (with wins against two Dumblefork decks and a loss against a stealth Haley who grabbed 2 agendas in a 3-RDI dig through an 8-ice R&D). In the finals it beat two more Dumblefork decks and a Kate deck before finally losing a Dumblefork rematch in the finals from being incredibly flooded.

Really, not a lot to say here - the deck archetype is known and solid. I still favor the NEXT Bronzes and Silversbecause against anyone not running Parasite, they're incredibly annoying. (NEXT Gold is trash without Batty, though.) Against Parasite it has a poor matchup, I will admit. The Project Junebug has yet to kill someone, but not for lack of runners trying for it - it never got installed or trashed by runners day-of, but has been a great surprise the few times I've actually installed it.

Fire all the ABTs!