Santiago derezing and/or trashing

fdubois 39

23 Dec 2014 fdubois

Lots of events in order to synergize with Gaby ability and to make derez ICEs.

Breach is here to be able to put pressure and access HQ. Corroder is for the remotes.

Cerberus is here in order to wait for Gordian Blade. It is excellent early on.

Dagger+Silencer are awesome.

1 Jan 2015 Alist1

Why Dagger instead of the in-faction Switchblade? Less reliance on stealth credits?

3 Jan 2015 Pyjam

@Alist1 : fdubois ask me about a cheaper killer. I recommended Dagger over Switchblade because it requires less stealth credits per use. At this moment, I don't play Komainu.