Fastmari Tweaked (3-5 @ Euros '18)

swabl 337

Azmari rush list that I took to Euros. Shamelessly stolen from johno, which was in turn shamelessly stolen from ctz. Props to both of them. Only difference from johno's list is -1 Exposé +1 CVS.

This deck went 3-5 at Euros. A disappointing, but not wholly surprising, performance - I didn't go in with a lot of confidence after seeing the results of my jnet practice. My runner deck going 7-1 however ultimately left me with a 53rd place finish, which I'm very happy with.

I wish I had gone -2 Red Herrings +2 Fast Track. Red Herrings has been relevant once in practice - it might just be because I'm not great at corp (likely) but I saw them usually trashed out of hand or out of the server alongside a Rashida, having installed the Red Herrings for an earlier agenda that was never contested. It seems like such an important card, but reality suggests otherwise. Fast Track, however, would have likely won me at least one extra game. I recognised the problem Fast Track solves during testing (i.e. if I draw a Beale this turn I win next turn), but never quite put 2 and 2 together until halfway through Euros. Whoops.

Spiderweb was primarily there for anti-pirate tech but is also decently taxing for Paperclip, and while Guard may seem an odd choice it serves its purpose as a hard sentry EtR and solid anti-sec nexus tech. I never faced pirate or nexus decks all tournament, go figure ¯\(ツ)

MVPs of the deck are Little Engine, Jua and the Jinja/Report combo. Consistently did so much work, the earlier I saw them the better the games went.