Hyper Bird (7-1 @ Euros '18)

swabl 337

Turbo Bird modified for speed and consistency.

Dead simple deck, you wanna go fast, index R&D repeatedly, stimhack and win.

Aumakua and Datasucker were cut because they'd end up in the bin far more often than not. Knifed and Scrubber were rarely relevant, so got cut too. Indexing is the primary win-con and this is a rush deck so we need to see it ASAP and as many times as possible, and thanks to it you can often end up knowing exactly what's in HQ diminishing the usefulness of Legwork. And then we take a third Stimhack because that wins games.

We go 3x3 on the bin breakers because a) we want to see them ASAP and b) secret best skorp tech. Sure, it results in dead draws sometimes, but it's worth it to not be locked out because both Paperclips were on the bottom. I would not recommend playing fewer copies.

Hacktivist Meeting sometimes feels a bit pointless, but with Rashida and NGO everywhere you'll usually get some value out of it. It's also the best non-restricted Scarcity counter available to Anarchs, so it's not going to be cut anytime soon.

Mad Dash is a flex spot I guess. Rarely relevant, I think it only won me 1 or 2 games ever in testing/at GNKs, but I was worried enough about 6-agenda Azmari to keep it. Feel free to try other things; I'm considering a second Ice Carver.

If you try this deck, you will likely find that it is incredibly scrappy, often winning by the skin of its teeth with a guaranteed flatline on the next turn, or because of a lucky Omar top-deck, or after you've been reduced to clicking for credits because you have no deck left. But it still wins. Extremely good fun, thoroughly entertaining, forces you to go full anarch. Would recommend.

This went 7-1 at Euros '18, only losing to a Skorpios round 1 (it beat another Skorp later on), which was an extremely satisfying performance. Ultimately my corp deck let me down a bit (3-5), leading me to finish 53rd overall. My full list of matchups were:

  1. Skorpios - lost. Black Orchestra lockout + double Archer'd remote is painful.
  2. Argus - won
  3. CtM - won
  4. Azmari - won
  5. CtM - won
  6. PE - won
  7. Skorp - won. Clutch Omar after a Paperclip lockout.
  8. Titan - won

So a wide range of matchups that it can hold its own against! Thanks again to all my opponents that day, I had to fight hard for those wins and had a blast playing against you all!