[Throwback] Last-Minute Half-Cosplay

harmonbee 435

I realised one day before travelling for EMEA that I could wear an outfit kind of like Smoke's, so I quickly added the required extra clothes to my bag. I have boots like hers which I decided to not wear because I didn't want to die in the heat. Also my sports bra is the wrong colour. Also my hair is not like hers. Look I was busy head judging, you can call it an outfit inspired by Smoke if you'd prefer. :P

Anyway the picture of the outfit is on Cohost.

This was my Runner deck for the throwback event at EMEA! It went 2-1, with the loss being because I somehow didn't respect Azef Protocol against Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed. Look the room was hot okay. My Corp was MirrorMorph infinite combo - you should read that writeup because it's the one where I thank people and get all sappy.

I don't really have loads to say about this deck, apart from the fact that it's a pretty standard stealth deck. It's fun! We have the usual stealth sources of Smoke, Mantle and Trickster Taka, the latter two of which give you a The Twinning counter. Note that you can boost an icebreaker's strength during the Corp's turn with Mantle, which lets you get a Twinning counter on both turns.