Comrades Potatoes

Krasty 638

I think it is not needed to say about this deck more than, just: I highly apologize to all my oponents - I am just peace of ^#$%@#$% (censored) and enjoying to make you painful experiences with this lovely ("almost dead") game...
At all - I won 3 games and one loss was against my META mate @longi - it was just my big mistake and his VERY good reading of oponent (I threw in archives wrong agenda and he sniped it like a PRO).
If somebody want to read about this deck more than this, I recommend to continue here: Comrades Potatoes 2.0
My sligthly changes with Fractal Threat Matrix was not tested so much, cause I install it once thrue all tournament and just stop useing Stargate at RnD with that...

20 Apr 2020 adquen

Is the Slot Machine really worth it? I know you have an influence to spare, but I would think every in-faction ICE with the words "net damage" on it would be more effective in this deck?

Also ... irgx. I really hoped this archetype died with the death of PU, but no, it's an NPE zombie :P

20 Apr 2020 Krasty

@adquen->yeah Slot Machine is changeable card here (and also Afshar btw), but swap it always with something which gives you money (Pop-up Window ? I dont know) or force runner to loose his/her credits... I decided for this also to know what runner will have in hand (very useful with Engram Flush)
and you know - zombies are already dead, so they cannot die! :o)

20 Apr 2020 Longi

I always hate playing against this. But I got lucky and snatched the winning Obokata from archives after seeing Krasty overdraw and suspiciously drop a card into archives :D

Also the Fractal Threat Martix behind two Kakugos did some real work! Kudos for that inclusion. Slot Machine with Engram Flush also kind of make sense. GG @Krasty;)

20 Apr 2020 Cpt_nice

Fractal Threat Matrix is super mean, but also very clever!

12 May 2020 BizTheDad

Do you guys like to have fun playing ANR?