Tripping Hazard: Sports Glacier, 0-3 at Seattle ECG Shindig

Runaway 156

I bit the bullet and morphed my glacier sports to more closely reflect what Colin/FireRL took to worlds... and ended up dropping every Corp game due to inexperience with the deck. But thanks to Colin for the inspiration, Sam for reps and running a good tournament, and everyone else in ECG for meetup and online practice.

Round 3, loss vs Jared’s Kit. I got flooded and had no ice and no money. I ended up rezzing two Tithonium with agendas and lost at time to a Hail Mary Mad Dash.

Round 5, loss vs Abe’s Kabonesa Wu. I had an Architect Deployment Test fail to find any ice and later didn’t have enough ice to stop the Deep Dives.

Round 6, loss vs Aubirb’s Smoke. I overcommitted to defending the remote and again lost to deep dive.