Are the cybernetics digital too? Maybe.

sebastiank 405

Apex actually... got some tools in Parhelion?

-Matryoshka is a huge influence saver, allowing you to run 1x of type-specific breakers while not getting shut out of everywhere.

-The cybernetics give you something to do with your engine cards that has been lost since the rotation of chopbot: you can trash cards with heartbeat to prevent their damage on install, firing wasteland and reaver in the process. And once you install them, they are pretty good cards, and they let you break barrier subroutines for 0 with tremolo

Anyhow, I've been having a lot of fun with this deck and wanted to share.

11 Dec 2022 Diogene

I see a viable Apex, I like it! The idea of an AI putting together cyberware on their own hardware is fun to imagine. Thanks for sharing!

12 Dec 2022 sebastiank

Edit: 5 cybernetics are probably too many for the inf cost, zenit, basilar, and wake are really good and hippocampic is only 2 influence and 0 to install, so cutting ghosttongue or pan-weave is probably correct. I'm currently running -1 Pan-weave -2 injection attack, +1 Dreamnet (could do +1 hunting grounds) and +2 Creative Commission.

12 Dec 2022 PiCat314

This deck slaps. It goes. It completely destroys Thule, provided you find Heartbeat early. I absolutely love this deck