New Sol: Lag Time

ericbtool 13

So nothing too mind-boggling here. You get strong, cheap ICE for the early game that grows in strength as the game goes on. Improved Tracers does it's job quite well in conjunction with Lag Time to create obnoxious taxes.

This is the second iteration. The previous did not not have an alternative to an agenda to stuff in a remote so the smarter runners would just wait until I installed something. The San-San, while typical, provides the motivation. I was originally going to use Reversed Accounts but that does nothing for Faust and there's a lot of flying skulls around here right now

Probably wouldn't mind a CVS but I would like to make sure first. If they pop one out and spend a bunch of creds to steal an Improved Tracers I don't care.

16 Nov 2015 moistloaf

Str4 caduceus would definitely be obnoxious

16 Nov 2015 ericbtool

It actually achieves Str5 in most games. The improved tracers agenda works out pretty well.