Weirwolves and Ravens [Cache Refresh][SOCR4]

PureFlight 1066

I piloted this to an unbelievable 2-3 finish in the 4th season of the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament, a.k.a. SOCR4.

Cache Refresh lacks a lot of good defensive upgrades. Specifically, it lacks multiple copies of Ash. This deck remedies that by:

  1. Using Mason Bellamy + Seidr to recur said Ash
  2. Putting Mason behind a Data Raven to act as another defensive upgrade

The way to play around Mason's -loss is to run last click. Which you never want to do if you're tagged. Mason also combos with Strongbox and Ikawah Project. Really, there could probably be a 3rd Mason in here, but he's unique and sometimes you can get him back with Seidr or Archived Memories.

Tag punishment in CR is lacking at the moment. Options are Closed Accounts, Psychographics, The All-Seeing I, and Self-Growth Program. There's very few permanent resources in Cache Refresh at the moment, so ASI is a bit weak, and you won't have multiple tags, so Psycho is out. If other tag punishment comes out or if runners start caring about resources more, this could be a fun deck to play.

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