1 in 50, Twice. What are the odds? - 3rd from 52 GLC SC (3-3

ValkyriezGaming 413

After Worlds I just wanted a decent Anarch list to play, and @Lostgeeks Val list (Asgers?) Looked really good. I had to make unnecessary changes though, so I cut a Bravado. My thought process was the money is really good, but cred for cred I'd save more money with the two Hunting Grounds than I would from the extra Bravado. I was also able to slot in No One Home. I had to cut a stimhack and a killer to fit it in there, and maybe an earthrise?

It performed pretty terribly in Swisse. Well, I did as the pilot. I was 1-3 coming into the last round being carried by my corp deck ( https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/63219/jinja-punitive-sports-3rd-from-52-glc-sc-5-1- ). I rolled corp on a 241 and somehow won that and stuck into the cut in 7th.

First game of the cut I roll runner against @Aworun on a pretty scary Mirrormorph deck with tag and bag. I did some test games, and if I had NoH on the board I felt pretty good.

Here's the video: https://youtu.be/vrw20MnBCOA

2nd game in the cut I roll Runner again except this time its against @Havvy on his UK style CTM. Except with triple Malia. Once again, if I could find my 1 in 50 NoH I felt like I was in with a chance as Val matches up with CTM pretty well.

Here's the video: https://youtu.be/jcodfaRaDkw

I didnt progress any further in the cut after losing to Dio on Corp due to conceding due to family Xmas commitments.

Big thanks to the Drop Bears and all the test games they put up for me and the GLC team, @DanB and @Dirjel for running a great async event over a long period. This was my first cut of a tournament bigger than 10 people, and it was nerve wracking but also really educational. I think I'm done with Anarch for a little while.

8 Jan 2021 gilesdavis

Nicely done mate! Are we starting a tradition of Drop Bears taking 3rd at any GLC tournament?


9 Jan 2021 ValkyriezGaming

@gilesdavis 3rd is better than 4th I guess haha. I'm still not sure how I submarined in but it was a cool experience.