Dancing on the Volcano (3-6 at Worlds)

Quercia 277

IMPORTANT NOTE: This deck does not plays Mining Accident, but Retrieval Run. That was a mistake I forgot to correct before publishing it.

Going to Worlds I had only 2 options. Play Padlock Freedom (someone please give James Grey a medal for creating that), which I adore and have been practicing with but still being quite a hard deck to play or taking my beloved Liza for a dance, against the Weyland Meta.

Liza it is.

In tests I've found that relying on Aumakua wasn't a great idea as Palana could easily lock me out, so I added a bunch of breakers, Credit Kitting, retrieval run and Sunny’s killer to deal with Tour Guide and Anansi. The deck is fast and furious and ate everyone without a tag punishment plan. BUT as being quite a lousy runner I failed to read the board state in 3 games where I had the path to victory laid down in front of me (one of them against The Outfit), losing important points. Made day 2 anyway as my Corp game was way stronger.

There’s nothing really new here. Run is your word of choice, practice its pronunciation a lot and against tag punishment always trash Rashida.

Shout out to @5N00P1 for the deck name.

8 Oct 2019 zegrid

Why not play Bukhgalter?

8 Oct 2019 Quercia

@zegrid Good question. It's a better killer for sure but the thought of facing a Tour Guide makes me shiver. Aumakua is good enough for other sentries, combined with Femme's bypassing. But in any other case Bukhalter is far superior.

8 Oct 2019 5N00P1

@Querciacongrats on making it day 2!
I missed to include a solution for Anansi which is a pain.

@zegridas said for tour guide, but plan would be to trash stuff ;-)

8 Oct 2019 dnddmdb

Great deck name, especially given how man Argus there were at Worlds. The deck looks like a lot of fun!

9 Oct 2019 5N00P1

@Quercia Stealing the name from me ;-) I was playing Liza too :'(