Tennin Hybrid

Redino987 243

This is the deck that I took with me to Worlds 2017. To put it nicely, it did not perform well. The idea is that you have a choice between fast advancing and slow advancing your agendas, and taxing the runner into losing cards or programs through Kakugo or Batty and Colossus. Most of the games that I won either went very quickly (me scoring out a Nisei MK II behind two ice then following up with Obokata Protocol and another 2 pointer) or very slowly (grinding the game down to no cards left in the runner's grip and stack, leaving them unable to pass Kakugo on HQ, R&D, and my one remote).

The deck isn't tier 1 by any means, but it went 3-3 on the day, and could have definitely performed better.

The matchups on the day were:

L vs Smoke - I was kept poor and couldn't find ice to keep her out.

W vs Hayley - I kept the game going to the point where Kakugo was a death sentence

L vs Hayley - my Chiyashi was femmed while i tried to push out a Nisei, which was a huge tempo loss

L vs Kit - I was kept poor again and couldn't keep her out

W vs Omar - I was able to push agendas quickly behind two ice, with 2 Batty installed in the server.

W vs Ed Kim - they couldnt find breakers fast enough to get into the server with 2/3 ice guarding, allowing me to score a Nisei and was able to push the last points through

9 Nov 2017 Sanjay

Thank you for sharing the list. It was wonderful spending time with you at Worlds and being part of the Tennin club.

How did you feel about the Breakthroughs over Braintrust and Philotic Entanglement? I never know what the right choice there is.

5 Dec 2017 Redino987

@Sanjay I like breakthrough over braintrusts but I may switch over to 2 Future Perfect for protection. I don't get to fast advance them as often as I'd like to