Red Level Clearance 2019 (3rd at Bristol SC)

echo/ 830

Some new exciting cards came out so I wanted to see what I could make. Initial theorycrafting of MCH/Haas Arcology AI/HHN kill was put aside as it seemed like too many moving parts, so instead I made this weird glacier/fast advance/ click tax hybrid mess. The upside of this is that you have lots of ways to score out and can generally adapt your plan depending on what the runner is doing, usually relying on a heavily iced remote with defensive upgrades and either MCAAP or an agenda in it. Daily quest goes in the remote when you need money but don't be afraid to overwrite it when it's time to score.

This was sort of a last minute brew so I'm sure it can be optimised better, especially the ICE suite, but the core of the deck seems solid.

A few details on the card choices:

Architect Deployment Test: When you score this agenda it allows you to look a the top 5 cards of R&D, then install and rez one of those cards ignoring all costs. This saves you both the money you would spend to install and rez the card, as well as the clicks to draw and install it. Efficient!

Hagen: This is a barrier ICE that trashes a non-fracter,killer,decoder program and ends the run, which is annoying to the runner. It does have a downside, which is that its strength is reduced by 1 for each icebreaker installed.

Archived Memories: This card allows you to add one card from archives to HQ. This is very useful if there are cards in archives that you would like to play or install.

24 Mar 2019 shanodin

10/10 memeing

25 Mar 2019 koga

Very cool deck, not far from what I've been playing lately.

Have you considered slotting in a Fast Track and Efficiency Committee? You can score a 4/2 from the deck, and EfCom boosts the power of Cold Site Server a lot. Border Control also works super well with CSS, but then you might run into money problems, so idk about that.

Will try it out a lot!