[Startup] Tag Boat - 0-3 in Retromancer CO

Girometics 1973

My attempt at building a deck with Ob Superheavy Logistics. Instead of going for the FA route with Bass, I tried to be fancy and use Mavirus into Ping to tag the runner at inconvenient times and follow up with Retribution to trash their breakers or the competition or Backroom Machinations to win with just 3 agendas. Other than that, this list tries to rush out agendas behind cheap gearchecks like Sandstone, Afshar and enigma, which can all be sacrificed to Stavka in the later stages of the game to summon Ping mid-run as well. To push the runner more into Tag-Me territory, we also have Funhouse to be placed on R&D and two Colossus to fetch the former via Extract.

As for the games:

In Game 1 against Lat, I drew Ping into my opening hand which made me mulligan as a kneejerk reaction, which looking at the replay I shouldn't have done since I also drew Sprint and could've have easily buried it back into R&D and not draw into the agenda flood after. It went only downhill from there.

Game 2 was against Hoshiko, where my main problem was that I didn't draw enough ice to keep the runner from running R&D and HQ too often, which netted them 2 early agendas and far too much econ to keep up with.

The final game was against Kit. Here, after setting up Funhouse on R&D, they decided to go Tag-Me and got 2 agendas off of R&D that way, which I was only able to punish afterwards by trashing their Hyperbaric after they already threw out all of their backup copies. At that point I felt like I was in a good position to score out any agenda I drew, but unfortunately we timed out and they won with a 6-4 lead in agenda points.

All in all, it's a fun deck and might be better in more capable hands, and I'd like to thank everyone involved, especially Oddball, for a great tourney!

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