My Precious ( 2th CZ Nationals)

mildesorte10 462

I have been playing this deck for quite a long time. The original core was Scamshop by RotomAppliance that won Euro 2018. Since that I have made a couple of changes to adjust it better to my liking. The principle of play remains the same. You need to set-up as quickly as possible, install Power Taps and find the right moment to start cashing Rogue Trading and removing tags safely with Citadel Sanctuary, thus swinging the credit advantage in your favour (quite often in the moment when corporation scores its agendas). The oppressive combination of Corporate Grant and runnerĀ“s ability helps you to slow the corporation down, so is using your breakers Amina and Saker. When you are fully set-up you start control the game using Diversion of Fund and close the game with Indexing. You must play carefully and patiently and thrust in the process. It is not unusual to turn the game in your favour at the score 0:6.

3 Dec 2018 Longi

hey Milan, good job, I like watching you pilot this deck...such calmness, effeciency and merciless approach :D

3 Dec 2018 mildesorte10

Thanks man @Longi ?

3 Dec 2018 Urziel

This deck is yet another reason to add Under the Bus and Ark Lockdown to your deck.

Have you considered adding: PAD Tap to this deck (not sure what would you need to remove)? A Clone Chip would be nice as well - just in case of some odds of running into "trash program ICE you cannot expect (e.g. Sapper) or an ambush card like Snare!. Loosing Saker after using it for derezing a barrier can be crippling - I'm thinking about our beloved Wraparound

3 Dec 2018 mildesorte10

@Urziel Thaks for tips ? PAD Tap I had but chang it for Crowdfunding its better and its another draw and they coming back after tree succefull runs. About that demage and losing breakers, i am playing tree Aumakua and two Security Nexus almoust every time i dont put down all breakers, thats another breakers are there just for case.