Submarine IG (T8 Gencon)

WhackedMaki 874

After losing round one to parking and traffic I started my day out with an 0-2 loss. I then didn't lose a single game the rest of the day and finished 8th after swiss. I double ID'd D2 and then won my first 2 games in T16 and lost the next two. One loss on this deck, one on runner for all of Gencon. Called Submarine IG because I took the reverse bye R1 and then came from below to get there.

This deck is dumb. IG with Moon is rediculous, and I've now taken it to 3 T8 regionals (3rd,3rd,5th) and now T8 Gencon. Across all 3 tournaments I lost 1 game with it in swiss, and then one game in each of the cuts. I've made changes to it between each tournament and will continue to do so. With rotation coming up and all anti-asset cards rotating it will continue to be dumb. FiHP will cost a lot more influence soon and will make it tighter, but still good.

Beat - Andy, Kate, Alice, Hayley, Whiz.

Lost to- Whiz.

Any questions ask in the comments.

21 Aug 2017 triorph

Would you try and find room for Breached Dome when it comes out?

21 Aug 2017 WhackedMaki

@triorphFor sure. I think -2 Snare! and -1 Diversified Portfolio for +3 Breached Dome is a good switch.

23 Aug 2017 sengir80

Love it. What will replace Jackson when it rotates out?

24 Aug 2017 rubyvr00m

@sengir80I can't speak for the author, but I think Whampoa looks really nice in IG right now.

24 Aug 2017 WhackedMaki

@sengir80I will most likely to go to Clone Suffrage Movement and Preemptive Action. With Friends in High Places hitting MW3 here soon come I don't think Whampoa Reclamation will have the inf it needs to fit in.