The Butchered Mawmakua [1st Meanjin CO]

riverluna 11

I took this list to Meanjin CO and won first place after narrow losing my first runner game and then sweeping twice, winning with prāna and this list.

This list was inspired by many reg hoshiko lists but in particular Jinsei's, because I really enjoy Aeneas Informant even though I ended up not playing it.

I also couldn't have come up with the few changes I made to this list without some friends! thank you team <3

My changes
- 3 Aeneas Informant
- 1 Hunting Grounds
+ 2 Liberated Account
+ 1 Bravado
+ 1 Pinhole

I made these changes because I wanted the deck to go faster and I didn't think I would face a field of asset/upgrade heavy decks. I don't have enough experience to know if the changes I made achieved the goal I had in mind, but I also really liked having liberated because sometimes I don't like running because I get afraid that I'll get nervous and forget about the bomb.

My memory of the day is getting foggy, but
Round 1: lost against Azmari. I felt like I played really well in some parts of this match, but I made a crucial mistake face-checking a Turnpike with my Turtle on two counters instead of three. I managed to claw back; but after a long grinder of a game I went tag me, did my final dig of RND and got to six points instead of seven and then took a missile.

Round 2: win against Building a Better World. I set up quickly with an early bloodsucking turtle and then hippo'd an Oduduwa on HQ. This was a huge tempo hit that I wasn't really expecting either (I had planned to use my hippo on the remote, but pivoted when I saw the value of Oduduwa). I got Maw down and kept Hippoing HQ until I could steal seven points.

Round 3: win an incredibly grindy game against AgInf. My opponent was ruthless and kept purging my virus counters at crucial times; and eventually after being eaten by Chiyashi twice, I ran out of cards in both hand and stack; and had to play incredibly carefully to not simply die. Eventually I realised that because an Anemone on the board was unrezzed; I could jack out after being thrown over to it, and so I proceed to get thrown somewhere else, then dig four cards deep through RND with Wake and on the final card find the SAM to put me on five points at time to my opponent's three. My opponent's three points were an Obokata that I could not contest because I would die.

And then that was the day. Meanjin crew were all WONDERFUL and the TO ran a tight ship; I cannot wait to travel up there again. I am super lucky to be able to travel around Australia to different tournaments and local scenes and I really appreciate everyone I meet being so kind and welcoming. 10/10 would travel again.