Holy money Batman! End of the Runner's turn, I'm playing ETF with one of these bad boys installed in a scoring server with Breaker Bay Grid. One free credit, from install alone.

Rez for free, gain 3 credits, pop it to install Adonis in the same server, gain another free credit because reasons. Rez, turn begins, gain yet another 3. Watch as the runner tries to comprehend the fact you made 8+ credits by only spending one click.

Perfect Siphon recovery too as you gain the 1 cred it costs to rez by installing it. Destined to become a core ETF money card IMO. —
ETF has a lot of fun with this card. If you're worried about it getting trashed, you can rez it and install something with a higher trash cost at the start of the runner's turn for 3 credits total, turning every AAL into a 'Beanstalk Royalties' that says 'also, install a card while you're at it'. If you have a breaker bay grid out (and of course you have a breaker bay grid out, you're ETF), this is *zero cost hedge fund* that also lets you install a card. Absolutely nuts - just be prepared to put some major taxing on R&D, because that 1 credit trash cost means that, unlike an operation, this doesn't defend your precious agendas - and you're in danger of losing vital econ to multiaccess. —

If you play your deck right, New Angeles Sol is a master of control. Currents are cards that add little rules to the boardstate, like Paywall Implementation, and can only be trashed when an agenda is scored (if the current is an event), or stolen (if the current is an operation). Sol basically says "BUNK THAT!" and essentially makes Corp currents untrashable. On top of that, the ID allows the corp to maintain constant control by their own rules. Even if the runner wanted to play their own currents, Sol would have the tools and the NBN speed to quickly disrupt whatever plans the runner had in mind.

Also, News Hound is a wonderful card in this identity.



Once upon a time, this card suffered from 46th card syndrome. Running aggressively was the preferred criminal style, and this card certainly didn't help that play style. However, this card now may come back with a fiery vengeance with the release of the Janktastic Laramy Fisk. Think about it: Criminals have been strong at knowing what the corp is up to. Between this and Fisk's ability, it's very easy to flood the corp's hand AND know what's in it for a measly 2 creds a draw. The criminal archetype that was meant to be might be of use after all.

I agree that Fisk makes Bug a better option that it was before, but 2 credits a card is hardly "measly" if you want to have a complete knowledge of the corp's hand. It's also irritating that it uses up memory. —
It's too expensive to use regularly. Oh wait, Multithreader exists. —
The big reason I see for Bug to be used is to figure out when to flood the corp with other effects like Eden Shard, Fisk Investment Seminar and other forced draw abilities. The goal would be to let you time out when and how you want to make your Legwork/Archives runs. Here's the problem. Most other cards that let you plan out your runs this way get cut all the time by better players who see these cues in a players play without the need of help form an in game program. For example a good player knows when to Legwork NEH based on board state and credit totals, not because of reveal effects. I'm guessing good Laramy Fisk players will soon find out how to maximize their pressure, and this card will fall back into obscurity rather quickly. —
It's just awful. I'd love to be wrong but... no. There's no way to justify commiting so many resources to limited information. Multithreader is throwing good money after bad here. —