When Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer was published with the Android - Netrunner Deluxe Set Honor and Profit, the first reviews saw this card as a Fast-Advance-ID. Unfortunately it didn't take off. Maybe Fast-Advance was just the wrong philosophy for this ID.

What it is: 6 Agenda Points for winning and a minimum of 40 cards per deck means I can lower my agenda density by including only 3-Pointers. The Biomedical Engineer let's the runner dig through R&D. 6 Agendas in a 44 card Deck means, that the runner only has a 13,64 % chance to find an agenda.

What it is not: Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer is not about damage dealing or fast-advancing. Its not even about keeping the runner out of your servers.

Instead it walks the same fine line as Nisei Division with all its Psi games is. A first round Mushin No Shin plus Executive Retreat or Utopia Fragment with a Chimera in or maybe just a Paper Wall in front of it, can mean a pressure point for the runner as you are on match point.

Mix in some Shi.Kyū and the runner has to find 3 of 6 agendas. If half of those agendas are The Future Perfect its even more interesting.

All in all, Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer is perfect for tournaments. It's incredibly fast (No game lasts longer than 15 mins) and every game is like walking the razor's edge.

Yep, perfect for tournaments. If only anyone played it... —
I took it to a local (London) store championship & did ok - nothing huge though (but I am not particularly experienced). I was playing just 6 agendas + mushin, with junebug in the mix for chance wins. Future Perfect I think a must for providing additional protection. It is a very fun ID to play and captures well the Jinteki ideal of COME ON THEN! —
Treating this as a "6 agendas out of 44 cards" build feels like the way to go, but this ends up with the same issue the Hass Bioroid has with the core ID, Engineering the Future when compared to Stronger Together. I think cards like Offer You Can't Refuse, Valley Grid, and the like might change it the way that new bioroids like Markus 1.0 are slow starting to make a new arguement for HB and that cards like Sundew, Excalibur, and Enhanced Login Protocol woke the sleeping giant that was Jenteki:Replicating Perfection. Until the Pioneer can find a few more things that allow them to leave a finger on the scale besides just Shi.Kyū this is will an awesome but underused ID. —