If your opponent allows Lakshmi Smartfabrics to stick around long enough to acquire three power counters, you can use it to more-or-less fast-advance a 5/3: spend the counters to reveal the agenda, install-advance-advance, give the runner a single turn during which he or she can't touch that agenda, then advance-advance-advance and score.

Which means this is going to be a must-trash card.

But this card confuses me because (warning: I'm a newbie) because this asset makes ICE less useful, while also rewarding the corp player for having many assets, which can be rezzed at the corporation's convenience, making it easier to get counters on it. In other words, horizontal builds. And I was under the impression HB doesn't 'do' that. Even weirder, three influence means the factions that do have dedicated horizontal identities are unlikely to cater to it.

But hey, at least we finally have something to combo Test Ground with.

Test Ground already works pretty well with the Eve and Adonis campaigns, as long as you can protect them. —
From what I can tell from the rulebook, "for the remainder of this turn" would mean that "fast advancing" an agenda as described wouldn't work - the protection ends on the same turn the agenda was revealed from HQ, i.e. on the corp's turn. However, with two copies of an agenda, the protection could be activated on the runner's turn to achieve the aforementioned "naked scoring". Regardless, Lakschmi potentially looks useful as a Caprice/Ash variant (it's an asset though). —
HB ETF can play horizontally. Well, HB ETF can play whatever the hell it wants to, but still. —
@Sorden there is no reason to trigger this on your Corp turn, you would only trigger it durring the Runner's turn. —
Actually, you would trigger in on the corp turn when the runner has Gang Sign out... —
@CapAp: Exactly. That's why the process described by Scrubsby 3 wouldn't work. —