Everything wrong in netrunner at its core dwell in this card.

Runners are, very obviously, criminals breaking that law of peace and order that is set in that uncertain future setting of netrunner. There are various hints in the game that shows how peaceful and free that utopic future is. Isn't it "essential to liberate a populace from tyranny before that tyranny takes root"?

That's the role of the benevolent Haas-Bioroid, Jinteki, NBN, and last but not least Weyland.

It seems right that they enter the game by commiting their first of a long series of crimes. Gamblers : that's what the self-proclamated saviours from the evil corporations are. Do you really support juvenile delinquency ?

Look at how capitalistic this card is in essence : the rich gets richer while the poor must backbreakingly click for mere credits. Would you really want to play a game that promotes oppression of the working class ? Where the runners, the opponents of the "capitalistic powers" are using far more immoral ways than the people they are fighting? ( Must i remind that the really naughty corporations feed the world ?)

Here we clearly see how the logic of running is flawed : righteous people will stay away from this game, or at least, from this card.

Man. You really gotta get a grip. —
If not a grip, at least a heap or a stack. —
"self-proclamated saviours from the evil corporations"?? That maybe true of Anarchs but even then not all of them. You seem to misunderstand the motivations of our runners —

Obviously a terrible card

Why would you pay 5 to recycle your deck since it has already been used and your cards installed? The "draw back to five" effect is clearly not worth the credits and the horrifying influence.

Well all your event based economy cards will get another use, any programs/resources trashed by the corp can be regained and if you're using Faust you'll want those cards back to break ICE. —
How tow write a lazy ironique netrunner card review —
1. Opening comment oposite to the consensu. 2. Highlight the benefits of the card and say they are negative factors implying that either yourself or everyoe else has misunderstood the card. 3. Talk about how the costs of the card do not return value bearing in mind the above factors. 3. Conclude opposite the consensu. Copngrats, you too can also write an ironic netrunner card review kids, scoring around 3/10 for comedy value. —
Ga. —
@gamblingworld: quite the amazing analysis. Thank you for deconstructing these kinds of troll reviews. We really don't need them on the site. —
^Except for that one totally amazing and inscrutable review of Private Security Force. I'd be fine if we got like one of those every tweet two months or so. —
What's funny though is that if I recall, the number of reviews you can make is tied to your karma. —
Noting every criticism lads. Hopefully my next text will be closer to a #qualityreview —