Dubious. So many things have to be true for this card to be worth a deck slot:

  1. You need the runner tagged on your turn. MAYBE this is true 5-10% of the time, if you commit heavily.
  2. You're invested in tags but NOT running Boom. If you can win on 2 tags, a card which takes them from 1 tag to 0 tags is suboptimal.
  3. A single agenda point will reduce the number of agendas you need to score. This is possible if you score 2 Bellonas or 3 Beales but it's uncommon that you only have 5/3s or only have 3/2s.
  4. You don't plan on getting to 2 tags. Otherwise, Psychographics or Boom is way better.
  5. You don't have better things you could have been doing with that tag. This fights hard against #4 -- if tags are a scarce resource, giving them away hurts. If tags are not a scarce resource, this isn't the best card.

Even if all of these things frequently ARE true for your deck, then it's only a bit more efficient than the condition-less Echo Chamber. In addition, even if you find yourself on 5 agenda points and a single agenda point is not very useful, installing Echo Chamber without intending on using it might have some bluff value to lure out a run. At that point every install starts to look like a Beale. :-)


  • Great value if you find this early. Over the course of the game, an average Anarch might run something like 10-15 events with a play cost above zero. Many events are played on multi-event turns, so this probably has more short-term utility than PPVP.
  • Esa decks tend to be cash-poor. This is the only Esa trigger which is definitely economically positive.
  • French-kissing a frozen railroad has never been this lucrative or charming.


  • The decks which most want brain damage probably don't want tons of events. If you're going the Augustina route, you probably have 3 Augustinas and maybe 8-12 viruses and maybe like 5 cards for self-inflicting BD. Outside of an Augustina deck, I don't think 6-8 sabotage are worth investing an ID and your console into.
  • Having multiple copies of a unique card is less efficient, but I think it's a major economic impact drawing your first copy on (say) turn 1-2 rather than turn 5. This is rough, it feels like deck slots and card draw are limited in Esa.
  • "Ghosttongue" also a degenerative disease first observed in 1400s brothels and from there the ruling class of Florence. The Renaissance was an exciting time of medical discovery and hygienic innovation and not enough of either reached the Medicis.

Underwhelming. Tag-punishment cards sit blank 90% of the game and require support cards for landing tags. If you're going to slot cards (and probably influence) for tags, the tag-punishment needs to be solid when it lands. This isn't it.

If this is the strongest tag-punishment in your deck, it's probably a mistake for the runner to clear tags.

<p>That's a little hyberbolic, a free archer is a particularly powerful swing, is it going to directly win you the game, no, but if you blow up their sentry breaker or means to get past it with a retribution...</p> —
<p>I'm sad the era of gigantic ice like <a href="/en/card/04030">Wotan</a> and <a href="/en/card/02012">Janus 1.0</a> is over and rotated out, with no real replacements. Because a deck with a bunch of it and <a href="/en/card/33051">Drago Ivanonv</a> and this card to rez huge ice from Archives would be the kind of jank I enjoy trying to setup in kitchen table games.</p> —
<p>"That's a little hyperbolic, a free archer is a particularly powerful swing." I’m not sure on particularly powerful here. Boom! instantly wins on 2 tags and when Exchange of Information was legal it was potentially game-winning on 1 tag, or at least significant progress towards a win. Those are a much larger impact than installing and rezzing an ice, which is probably not an effect strong enough to support a $5 price for Building Blocks. (Or, at least, I’ve never seen anyone use Building Blocks out of Blue Sun). Dropping the price of (let’s say) a $5-6 card to $0 is probably not enough compensation for the work and deck slots that go into landing a tag and the huge unreliability around when they will be tagged. At least, I would suggest that the card have some utility when the runner is NOT tagged, like the card normally costs $6 or whatever but is free when the runner is tagged.</p> —

This is a good ice. I'd price fair market value for this card is around $5 and I'd guess that this will generally cost something like $5-6 when rezzed. You can reasonably slot (at least) 5 code gates in Jinteki without feeling like you're scraping the barrel. Aiki is one of the most efficient ice in the game, Thimblerig is a cheap end-the-run with positional flexibility, and Mind Game is cost-effective against server-specific run cards.

It's not as good as Kakugo was, but still reasonable for forcing out Paperclips.

I think this card is very shrewd. Derezzing doesn't create a lot of value, and this card is priced accordingly. Bifurcation is a 2/1 agenda very playable even if you don't plan on using the derez effect. In contrast, a card like Hakarl is completely unplayable unless you value derez effects highly.

If you were going to print HB's first 2/1 agenda this is probably the best way to test the waters. A blank 2/1 will probably be better than a low-impact 3/1 like Hyperloop Extension, and those are either currently (or at least recently) tournament-viable in Sportsmetal.

(If an operation was printed for derezzing a single card, I think a $0 card "Derez an installed card and gain $2" is fairly priced).