We new that the day when this card will be useful will come!

Tyson Observatory + LLDS Processor is a matchmaking done properly! You can use it with Overmind , Femme Fatale or even maybe some Stealth shenanigans!

Looking further into the future, this will be a staple for all Hayley Chameleon decks that will sprout!

Negative side is that it slows down the aggression until setup :(

Hopefully the Universal Scholar with a Replicator will do that fast enough ;)

I just test piloted my Hayley's Library Night on her maiden flight! Good time was had by all except Director Haas. —
Throw London Library into the mix, and you have a permanent, recurring Personal Touch for any icebreaker played through, and picked back up from, the Library. —
OK, so it's probably best with fixed breakers with the library. Interesting. —
Also note this isn't unique -- 3 clicks and 3 credits of set up on 3 copies adds 3 strength to breakers, not just 1, for your London Library scheme. The set-up is the hard part. —
I totally meant London Library, while # Tyson Observatory :) —

I won't go into details what this card does. Everyone knows if they find it strong, or nots.

I will simply give you a very easy way to calculate correctly the bonus strength the ICE gets after using X number of counters.

The formula, which to my findings has always been correct is:

Number of counters on hosted ICE x (multiplied) number of counters on IT Department + Number of counters on hosted ICE = Bonus Strength on ICE

For example if you have 4counters on IT Department, according to formula above:

Spent 1 counter on ICE -> 1 x 3 + 1 = 4 (bonus strength to ICE)

Spent 2 counters on ICE -> 2 x 2+2 = 6 (bonus strength to ICE)

Spent 3 counters on ice -> 3 x 1+ 3 = 6 (bonus strength to ICE)

etc. etc.

Some more detailed explanations and replies from Lukas can be found on links like this boardgamegeek.com , but imo it's easier if you just remember my formula :)



Nice formula! Thanks —
Now I understand —

Gravedigger - digging the Corp's grave since 2015!

This is an amazing card. I honestly didn't feel how powerful it was until a game last night. Obviously a Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire deck (preferably with Hivemind ) in it is one of the perfect places currently for 1 of this bad boy.

So generally, you would think "Okey - milling 1 card from install, possible to mill 1-2 more cards, but wouldn't really use Hivemind counters for it ... also when the Corp purges, you can't Virus Breeding Ground to it"

During the game last night, I was neither getting my Djinn, nor Hivemind and I had milled max 5 cards with my ID.

Then I setup the following : Grimoire + 1x Virus Breeding Ground + 1x Progenitor and the Gravedigger on the latest mentioned card. The Gravedigger, got the counter from the Grimoire, the corp wasn't able to purge because of the Progenitor and I was moving counters from Virus Breeding Ground.

That way I single-handed milled the corp for 3 turns and then Hades Shard on my last click of the 3rd turn and won the game. I was not simply milling 1 card per turn, but 2 at least. 2 clicks -> move 2 counters from VBG and then 2 to mill ( leaving the 1 counter on Gravedigger so I can repeat next turn). The last turn I used up all counters and milled 3 and Hades Shard for the win.

Also if you play Parasite in your Hivemind deck like I do, Gravedigger would be getting a lot more counters than normal, thanks to melting those ICE ;)

I might surprise you with my final score for this card, but I grade digger 4 out of 5 for any virus deck and a solid 5 out of 5 for a Noise Hivemind deck.